We at Ark Veterinary Hospital adopt a holistic scientific approach to all skin complaints. Skin problems manifest in a variety of ways from pruritic skin patches to recurring ear infections. Diagnosis is frequently complex step by step approach; involving thorough parasite treatment, premium nutrition, environmental management and in certain causes allergy testing.

We have many years of experience and use Idexx Reference laboratories when allergy testing chronic skin diseases. Immuntherapy treatments a healthy safer option we regularly use in the care of chronic allergic skin disease.

Dermatology refers to the study of the skin. Skin disease is a frequently observed problem in dogs and cats. Diagnosing a skin problem in your pet requires an examination by a veterinarian. Some skin diseases or problems require additional steps to accurately obtain a diagnosis. Additional diagnostic procedures may include blood work, skin scraping, biopsies, allergy testing.

The cause of skin problems range from hormonal disorders to the common flea. At Ark Veterinary Hospital we offer second opinion to surrounding veterinary practices in the diagnoses and care of chronic skin conditions.

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