Veterinary Services

Take a Closer Look at What We Do.

General Veterinary Care

Ark Veterinary Clinic and hospital conduct focused one to one consultation with you and your pet with a generous time allocation. This relationship usually starts with the puppy/kitten consult which is an invaluable time to get reliable professional advice on training, nutrition, parasite control and neutering. Vaccinations are tailored to your puppy/kitten. Annual checkups and vaccinations play a vital role in the early detection, treatment and prevention of health issues. Our combination of experienced and enthusiastic veterinary surgeons, modern laboratory testing state of the art diagnostic services and in-house pharmacy allows us to provide offer the best preventative care for your pet through every life stage.

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Checking a pup at Ark Veterinary Hospital, Kilarney

Orthopedic surgery

Orthopaedic treatment involves the surgical repair of fractured bones, dislocated joints, tendon and ligament ruptured and a widevarietyof bone and cartilage conditions. Accidents causing nasty bone fractures are common and frequently require application of bone plates and pins. Bone grafts are carried out in several causes to aid healing. Return to full performance with the use of bone plates is possible in a large number of cases. The specialist surgeon at Ark Veterinary Hospital is experienced in treating all these conditions and takes referrals from neighborly practices to treat these injuries.

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We are at Ark Veterinary Hospital use the safest most modern anesthetic drugs combined with gaseous intubation. This combined with expert monitoring minimizes the risk to your pet when having a procedures. Anytime a pet is scheduled for surgery or another procedure requiring anesthesia, it’s understandable that you will be concerned. Many owners worry that their pets are too young, too old, or too sick to be ‘put under’ and the idea of anesthesia and how it works is both mysterious and frightening. When used properly, and with a complete knowledge of a pet’s overall health, anesthesia is a wonderful tool that enables animals to receive invasive procedures with no pain.

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Pain Management

Many procedures are performed everyday at the Ark Veterinary Hospital. Pain management is fundamental in the care of pets who can’t talk. We have a proactive pain management policy (If in doubt give pain relief) to ensure all animals have a pain free experience in the hospital.

Pet owners appreciate the smoother rapid recovery in a pet with well managed pain. We take great pride in ensuring this happens all the time at Ark Veterinary Hospital.


X-ray is an important diagnostic tool for today’s veterinarian. X-rays are commonly used to identify the area and extent of a bone break, to determine the stage of pregnancy (and number of pups), to identify potential abdominal problems and obstructions, to find and identify tumors. We are at Ark Veterinay Hospital take films for the BVA & Hip and Elbow scoring schemes.

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An ultrasound examination, also known as ultrasonography, is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows internal body structures to be seen by recording echoes or reflections of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound waves are considered to be safe and are used extensively at Ark Veterinary Hospital in pregnancy and other diagnostic tests.

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Dermatology / Skin & Ear Irritation

We at Ark Veterinary Hospital adopt a holistic scientific approach to all skin complaints. Skin problems manifest in a variety of ways from pruritic skin patches to recurring ear infections. Diagnosis is frequently complex step by step approach; involving thorough parasite treatment, premium nutrition, environmental management and in certain causes allergy testing.

We have many years of experience and use Idexx Reference laboratories when allergy testing chronic skin diseases. Immuntherapy treatments a healthy safer option we regularly use in the care of chronic allergic skin disease.

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Emergency & Hospital Care

Ark Veterinary Hospital takes care of seriously sick pets in our purpose built hospital with continuos intravenous fluids and oxygen available at all the times. Managing the critically ill takes dedication, commitment and award winning skill. We are proud of our award winning care at Ark Veterinary Hospital.

Emergency admissions also available outside normal hours for clients at the practice please ring 064-6636644 to arrange an emergency appointment with the vet on duty. An extra fee applies to this service.

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Checking a cat at ark Veterinary Hospital, Killarney


We are what we eat. A tasty balanced diet providing the correct amount of nutrients is fundamental to vitality health and longevity in our pets. At Ark Veterinary Hospital and Pet Shop we stock a wide range of premium dog and cat foods. Hills Science Plan and Prescription diets which aid in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions from bladder cystitis in cats to intestinal disease are always available. The Ark Veterinary Hospital dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for dogs and cats.

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Good oral hygiene’s essential to the he alt of your pet. Duringour routine annual check overawe at Ark Veterinary Hospitalalways check your animals mouth and advise and recommend any treatments. This can vary from cleaning to extractions.

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An endoscope is a flexible tube with a viewing port that is inserted either into the stomach or trachea via the mouth. The  endoscope permits the inspection of the inside of these hollow organs. We are at Ark Veterinary Hospital use endoscopy in the investigation of chronic coughs or suspected obstructions.

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