Dog with cast

Pets that suffer from bone fractures and other trauma may require orthopedic surgery. Just as human patients have specialized surgeons and physicians to help repair and set broken bones, so do dogs. Orthopedic surgery is costly and entails a significant rehabilitation period, but it can be the single most effective way of returning your pet to normal health after he suffers from a broken bone. We have the specialist skills at Ark Veterinary Hospital.

Orthopedic Surgery Process

If your pet suffers from an accident or trauma that results in any visible wound or bone fracture, take him to a veterinarian for examination immediately. Even if your pet doesn’t display any outward signs of physical harm, a vet can help to determine whether he has suffered any internal injuries or other damage.

If your dog has broken a bone or torn a ligament, he may require reconstructive or reparative surgery. Whether your veterinarian can perform this procedure adequately and efficiently depends upon your dog, his injury and the experience and skill level of the vet. We have 25 years experience of … such injuries at  Ark Veterinary Hospital.

The duration, invasiveness and cost of the surgery depends upon the type of injury and on your dog as well. Typically, orthopedic surgeries take a few hours to complete, and may require that your dog spend the night in the hospital. The vet will estimate the cost before you consent to go ahead with the procedure. Please ask if you are unclear whats involved.

Rehabilitation Period

Perhaps more difficult for you and for your dog than the surgery itself is the lengthy rehabilitation process associated with orthopedic surgeries. Short lead only exercise is criticalto avoid setbacks and revision surgeries. We will discuss these on discharge. Even if your dog appears to have recovered to the point where he can walk, run or jump, allowing him to do so before his recovery is complete will only lead to additional damage and complications. In many cases, dogs that are too active too.